New Details Surrounding Suspect In SW OKC Standoff

Thursday, January 28th 2016, 8:58 pm
By: News 9

In an overnight break-in and bizarre standoff in SW OKC, police say the man locked himself inside and made himself at home. He even made himself a meal.

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This unusual crime spree began just before midnight and carried on until around 10:00 a.m. Thursday. And it all began with a couple knocks on a trailer.

“I heard a knock, knock somebody like that,” said Toby Bogart.

Wednesday night, Toby Bogart heard three knocks on his trailer, each gradually getting louder. Bogart was then up, alert, and armed.

Bogart fired three rounds at the man who kicked on his door, chasing him and his partner off the property.

Police searched for the two men on the ground and in the air, but never found the suspects believed to have escaped on foot.

Four hours later the knocking returned, but again police couldn't find anyone.

“I'm going to bed at 6:30 my farmhand comes to work this morning and he says, ‘Do you know somebody is in your mom's house?” said Bogart.

He was surprised to find Kenneth Hodge inside the house, the same man Bogart said he saw earlier that morning at his home.

“He tried to convince me it was his house. This is my house, you live down there,” he said.

Despite Bogart's best attempts to make Hodge leave, Hodge began to make himself at home.

“The SWAT team was here the bomb squad was here they shut all the roads off and he's in there eating,” said Bogart. “He ate a pan of meatloaf and a cake and folded the clothes.”

Hodge even showered and drank several cans of soda before surrendering to police about an hour later.