Mother, Children Escape Before Vehicle Gets Hit By Train

Monday, February 15th 2016, 6:11 pm
By: News 9

A mother and five children narrowly miss getting hit by a train after her vehicle got stuck on railroad tracks Sunday night.

News 9 has learned this intersection near Britton Road and Western Avenue in Oklahoma City has given many others problems, as well.

It's a busy intersection that crisscrosses and diagonals, but one thing is certain: when you see the lights flashing, you know a train is probably on the way.

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“I watch the corner a lot, and I see a lot of accidents from after the train goes by and the bars go up, which side doesn’t know or they don’t watch which side is going to go first,” Karen Boggs said.

Boggs works within a stone's throw of the tracks and sees firsthand the confusion some drivers experience when they pull up to the intersection.

“Also the tracks going this way when somebody is turning left, if they’re not familiar with the road and then when somebody is turning right, they see the tracks going right down the middle of the street there, and I’ve seen them be confused and turn and go on the other side of the barrier,” Boggs said.

However, Sunday night, one woman ended up high centered and stuck on the tracks. A train was coming, and five children were inside the vehicle with her.

“She very quickly and frantically was able to get out of her vehicle, take out five kids who were passengers including two who were in child safety seats before the train came barreling down and hit the vehicle,” Oklahoma City police Capt. Paco Balderrama said.

Terry Tatum drove up on the accident right after it happened.

“All I could see were cop cars and a train stopped,” he said. “That’s an awfully busy intersection. If you’re used to it, you know to do.”

“It’s pretty hazardous,” Boggs said.

The City of Oklahoma City is not responsible for maintaining railroad intersections like this one. News 9 contacted BNSF about the incident but have not received a response yet.