Rare Paralysis Syndrome On The Rise In Zika Outbreak

Tuesday, February 16th 2016, 8:57 am
By: News 9

Concern over the Zika virus is rising after several cases of paralysis have now been found. This is one of the more severe symptoms that's now getting more attention.

Temporary paralysis is one of the symptoms of Zika that hasn't had much spotlight, until now. The World Health Organization says the syndrome, called Guillain-Barre, is a rare neurological disorder, and is now on the rise in several Latin American countries, including Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, and Venezuela.

Symptoms of GBS include muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis which can last days or weeks. Health officials say patients could have "ascending motor paralysis" that starts at the feet and moves up towards the head.

So far there has been 42 cases of GBS in Brazil.

Now, health officials say the cause of the increase in GBS remains unknown however most patients eventually recover from it.