Holtzclaw Victims File Civil Suit Against Oklahoma City

Monday, March 7th 2016, 6:45 pm
By: News 9

During Monday morning's news conference, new information was released about the civil lawsuit filed against fired Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

Holtzclaw was convicted of sex crimes and sentenced to 263 years in prison.

But now, attorneys representing some of the victims claim another woman made allegations against Holtzclaw that could have prevented some of the attacks had he been taken off the streets earlier than he was.

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That amended lawsuit is 38 pages long, and combines the testimonies of seven of Holtzclaw's 13 accusers who testified against him in court.

It also includes a claim about a woman who has filed a separate civil lawsuit against Holtzclaw. Their attorneys claim she called Oklahoma City police back in November 2015 to file a complaint against him, and that nothing was done.

“They knew exactly who he was and they did nothing,” said attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing some of the victims who testified against Holtzclaw during his criminal trial.

That new information was revealed during a news conference held by the attorneys Monday morning.

In the lawsuit, they claim there are now at least 14 women attacked by Holtzclaw who were illegally detained and others knew or had reason to know that Holtzclaw had a pattern of illegally detaining, arresting and committing physical and sexual assaults.

They claim on November 5, 2013, Oklahoma City police were notified that Holtzclaw illegally detained and sexually assaulted another woman, but that nothing was done. News 9 chose to not identify the woman in this story since she is claiming to be a victim of sexual assault.

Police do acknowledge that a woman did make a call from a hospital back in November 2013 saying Holtzclaw roughed her up during an incident.

A use of force investigation was done, but Holtzclaw was cleared of any wrongdoing. Police said the victim never made any claims of sexual assault.

“At the time that she was interviewed she did not make any allegations whatsoever involving any type of inappropriate sexual contact between her and Daniel Holtzclaw,” Oklahoma City police Capt. Paco Balderrama said.

Balderrama said that victim was detained by Holtzclaw during a stolen car investigation. The woman who was detained matched the description of a woman seen walking near that stolen vehicle, but she was later cleared as a suspect.

The woman did file a civil lawsuit last summer, claiming Holtzclaw slammed her face and head against a brick wall and pressed his crotch area against her backside, and that he was aroused when he did it. But in the city's response, they deny that is what took place.

Some of those who testified against Holtzclaw are outraged.

“I just feel really betrayed because this could have been prevented,” said Jannie Ligons, who testified against Holtzclaw.

“I always felt in my heart that I was not the first victim,” said Shandayreon Hill, who also testified against Holtzclaw.

Ligons and Hill are two of seven women who are suing Holtzclaw, the City of Oklahoma City, and members of the Oklahoma City Police Department for damages in light of his conviction on sex crimes.

“And now there's proof that there was someone before me, and there's no telling how many in between,” Hill said.

“I'm very, very mad,” said Latonya James, who is Hill’s mother. “Because they lied and said they done everything that they could do to prevent this from happening and they did not do that.”

Right now, this lawsuit is making its way through the court system.

A date for the civil trial is yet to be set.