Caught On Camera: Couple Pays With Counterfeit Bill At OKC Cici's Pizza

Wednesday, April 20th 2016, 6:16 pm
By: News 9

The general manager, Cody Martin, at Cici’s Pizza at 7206 Northwest Expressway is looking for a couple who brought in a counterfeit bill on Tuesday, April 19.

The customer’s bill was under 10 dollars, but Martin said the man tried to pay with a 100 dollar bill at first.

“The cashier’s reaction automatically is any 50’s or 100’s come straight to the manager and she was going to bring it to one of us.”

Martin said that’s when the man told the cashier he had smaller change and switched out the 100 dollar bill for a 20 dollar bill. This transaction was caught on surveillance camera.

The couple then sat and the man ate for about 20 minutes, according to Martin. Then, the man again approached the register.

“He said his girlfriend didn’t end up eating so he wanted a refund for her meal,” said Martin.

The couple made out with 16 dollars. All the while, Martin and his team were finally confident that the 20 dollar bill was a fake one, so Martin went to the back of the store where they were seated to confront them.

“I guess they knew something was up whenever I was walking out towards them.”

Martin said they ran out the back door and dodged across the shopping complex. He chased them around the corner, but instead of pursuing more, he pulled up the surveillance video and opened a case with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

OCPD confirms there is an open case. Martin said investigators told him quite a few counterfeit bills have been floating around the city in the past few months. Even though the couple only got away with a few dollars, he said the concept of it is wrong and hopes they are caught.

The day after the incident, the owner of this Cici’s Pizza went out and bought a tri-test counterfeit machine that is one extra precautionary step to preventing this from happening again.

The Secret Service told News 9 the best way to check for counterfeit bills is to “know your money.”

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