Fast Food Manager Attacked During Armed Robbery In Edmond

Monday, June 6th 2016, 9:57 pm
By: News 9

The Whataburger employee viciously attacked and pistol-whipped during an armed robbery on Memorial Day spoke to News 9.  

The employee, who would prefer we not use his name, said he’s a Whataburger team leader.  

He said four suspects barged into the restaurant shortly before five a.m. Memorial Day.  

News 9: “Did they repeatedly pistol-whip you in the head?”  

Whataburger employee: “Uh twice."

News 9: “And did they tell you they were going to kill you?”  

Whataburger employee: “Yes, several times."

Police say the robbers raided a Whataburger safe and took cash from cash registers, before all four suspects ran away.

Police say an eyewitness to the end of the heist followed the bandits for a short way, and called police.  

Edmond police spokeswoman Jenny Monroe said police caught up to 33-year-old Brandon Eason nearby, a short time later.  

There were already warrants out for his arrest, and Monroe and court documents say Eason told lie after lie to police, about who he was, and what he was doing there.  

“And his story is changing,” she said.  

Court documents say Eason’s fingerprints were also found in a Chevy Camaro police came upon not far from the robbery scene.  

Inside that car was a gun, and a Whataburger cash deposit bag.  

Eason has been charged in the armed robbery, but the three other suspects are still on the loose.

“I’d like to see them all caught,” the Whataburger employee told News 9 Monday afternoon. “I don’t want them to be overconfident and see them try it on somebody else.”