Gun Sales Spike In Oklahoma Following Orlando Mass Shooting

Thursday, June 16th 2016, 9:49 pm
By: News 9

Anytime there is a mass shooting, many gun dealers see a spike in business. But some say the reasons for that spike are changing. 

H & H Shooting Sports Founder Miles Hall said between Sunday’s massacre in Orlando and this past Tuesday, H & H saw a 92-percent increase in gun sales. He said many people used to buy firearms because they were concerned our government would outlaw them. But since the Orlando mass killings Sunday, he said customers have been buying weapons because they are just plain scared. 

Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West agrees. 

“The interest in this situation the past week has increased, not just because people are afraid of an over-reaching government, but this Islamic threat that exists, and is in this country,” said West.

Both Undersheriff West and Miles Hall urge anyone who purchases firearms to take safety classes first.  Hall said the process for a “Carry Permit” takes about two months.