Yukon PD Cracking Down On 'Pokemon Go' Players Breaking The Rules

Wednesday, July 13th 2016, 2:58 pm
By: News 9

"Pokémon Go" has surged to become a viral hit. You've probably seen the gamers walking around in packs with their face glued to their phone.

Police departments across the country have put out warning to the players and now Yukon police are cracking down.

Pokémon hunters now fill parks across the country, gamers on a mission to catch them all. Even after the sun goes down the quest continues at Yukon's City Park, 2200 S Holly Avenue.

“The park is usually full of people. We were out here I think it was Monday and there was like 70 or 80 people just kind of running around the park,” said Rowdy Goodin, a "Pokémon Go" player.

It's become a real problem for police. Over the past week, Yukon officers responded about 77 check subject calls at least half of the calls were related to people playing "Pokémon Go."

It's been a nightly event. We're having officers tied up having to go through our city parks,” said Yukon police Major Mitch Hoskins.

On Tuesday night, officers kicked out dozens of player wandering through the park. Two other kids were ticketed, since it was past curfew, when officers found them later in the park after hours playing the game. Yukon is now working to secure parks at night to keep gamers out.

On Monday night, a driver was ticketed after he nearly plowed head on into a Yukon police officer's car. The driver admitted he was distracted by the game.

He said, ‘I didn't know, I veered over. I was looking for an emoji or whatever he was looking for trying to capture it,'” said Hoskins.

Yukon police said the grace period is up and tickets will now be issued for people in parks after hours.