Guthrie PD Investigates Suspicious Activity On Home Security Camera

Thursday, February 9th 2017, 10:05 pm
By: News 9

After a recent home burglary in a Guthrie neighborhood, a resident, who doesn't want to show her face, decided to put up security cameras.

Wednesday morning, she said she saw some suspicious activity when she sifted through her footage.

Her cameras recorded a man parking his mini-van, moving it behind a tree, and then taking off, before returning a few minutes later.

Then he walked up to her house, appeared to stop in her driveway for a photo, and then pointed the device at her place from several other angles.

It appeared he was in the area near her home for more than half an hour.

The resident said the visit left her with many questions.

“What was his purpose here? What are the pictures for? It’s just really nerve-racking,” she said.

She was also concerned that she didn't see any signage on his vehicle and she said he didn't leave any information behind. Her home is not on the market.

“I contacted Neighborhood Solutions in Guthrie, I contacted my insurance agent, I contacted my mortgage company, the assessor’s office, even posted it on different Guthrie Facebook site,” she explained.

She said none of her calls yielded any results to explain the man’s visit.

Guthrie Police have been chasing down leads in this case. Sgt. Anthony Gibbs said he's pretty confident they will be able to identify the person.

“There are very few times that people do have the right to be on your property without your permission,” he said. “So anytime that anyone is on your property and you don’t feel comfortable with that you contact the police department.”

Investigators say at this point there is no known crime committed.

UPDATE: Guthrie Police say the man in the video is a home inspector and the visit was legitimate.