Fight Against Proposed Rezoning In NE OKC Turns Personal

Tuesday, March 21st 2017, 6:37 pm
By: Karl Torp

The fight over a proposed movie theater for northeast Oklahoma City is turning personal.

One homeowners association president is alleging ethics violations against a city council member in favor of the proposed Warren Theatre.

Property off of Eastern Boulevard just south of the Kilpatrick Turnpike would have to be rezoned to make way for the 14 screen building.

“To say his paperwork is not in order would be the kindest understatement of all. It’s a disaster,” said Porter Davis about public information on donors to Councilman John Pettis’ reelection campaign.

The Oak’s neighborhood HOA president said the information is so incomplete, he's now filing a complaint with the state’s ethics commission.

What Davis, though, said is most puzzling is the timing of $3,700 donation from The Chickasaw Nation, which owns the property, and its developer to Pettis’ campaign.

It was made before the developer requested the land be rezoned.

"I did not do anyone any type of favors," Pettis told News 9.

Pettis said hundreds gave to his re-election campaign and the project was recommended for approval by city staff and the planning commission.  

Pettis said neighbors living closest to the proposed site for the theater are also in favor of the development.

“I do not look at who gave me money when deciding on a view,” said Pettis.

Meanwhile, Davis has designed a four-page mailer in hopes to getting people opposed to the development in front of city council on March 28.

That’s when the council is expected to vote on the rezoning proposal.