Tap Water Taste A Bitter Issue For OKC Downtown

Thursday, May 11th 2017, 6:08 am
By: News 9

We all drink tap water from time to time. But for some in downtown Oklahoma City, recently, a clear glass of water has not meant great taste.

It's part of what the city says is their routine summer distribution switch. It happens when the city brings their Overholser Treatment Plant online to help deal with increased water demand during the summer months.

The plant serves people in the area of NW 30th St. to SW 30th St. and Meridian Ave. to approximately I-235.

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“We have taken some of our residents off of the plant they are used to being serviced by,” said Jennifer McClintock, “putting them on the service of another plant. So that changes the composition of the water a little bit in terms of its taste and smell. The reason for this is that the water is sourced out of Lake Overholser so it has different organic compounds in it.”

While the water may have a different taste or smell than what residents are used to, it still meets all criteria for national and state-level drinking water standards and is perfectly safe to drink.