Victims Identify Suspect In NW OKC Home Invasion

Thursday, June 29th 2017, 5:02 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

One suspect is arrested and another on the run after police say they tried to rob the people living at a sober living facility.

Police were called to the home on N.W. 96th in Oklahoma City just after midnight. The victims, who asked not to be identified, say 21-year old Dedrick Green came over looking for work. Green used to work as a car detailer for one of the victims. Once he was inside, police say he texted his partner in crime. 

"The front door was wide open and I look in the kitchen there's this guy with a mask on yelling his name: Dedrick, Dedrick," one victim said. "The guy who had a gun said 'If you don't give me the money bag you're all going to be dead in 10-seconds.'"

The victims say Green pretended to try to fight off the robber with a baseball bat, but pulled back before ever hitting the gunman. One victim called 911 and when police arrived both suspects took off. Police found Green hiding under a truck. 

"Thankfully nobody was injured. The thieves actually made off with nothing from the home," said Sgt. Gary Knight of the OKC Police Department.

The victims say they hope Green spends lots of time behind bars.

"You don't come into someone's house, befriend them and then decide you're going to rob them," one victim said. "Let him eat green bologna. Because that's what the county will serve you. Green bologna."

Green is charged with first degree robbery and possession of drugs.