Former Corrections Officer Discusses Hidden Camera, Misconduct At State Prison

Wednesday, July 26th 2017, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

A former correctional officer admits he used a hidden camera to uncover possible misconduct at a state prison.

In May, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections launched an internal investigation in response to the video captured inside the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center (LARC).

Now, former C.O. James Larrick, is the one looking at jail time.

Larrick worked at LARC for more than a year. He quit in December 2016 after capturing more than 60 hours of hidden camera video.

He claims he witnessed too much during that time to keep quiet.

Larrick posted three videos titled LARC Prison 1 of 3, LARC Prison 2 of 3, and LARC Prison 3 of 3 to YouTube.

Thousands have watched the video including those caught by the camera.

Cleveland County Court records show at least three corrections officers were questioned as part of the investigation, including a supervisor.

The supervisor was immediately suspended for making crude remarks during daily security briefings.

"There's only like 40 child molesters in there... just lock the godd*** doors and f*** them, let them die..but check on them," a supervisor could be heard saying in one of the videos.

Larrick said his intentions were good. He wanted to influence change in the DOC by being a whistleblower.

"I mean it looks bad on the video because it was bad," Larrick said he wore Spy Tec HD Spy Watch into LARC, to record audio and video of employee shift briefings, conversations between the employees, and conversations with inmates.

"Hey, before everybody leaves," a supervisor says in the video. "We need to be doing our security checks. That guy had been dead for a minute. That motherf***er was already stiff or getting stiff."

The context of the recorded conversation is unclear.

Records show, however, that supervisor acknowledged he'd used unprofessional and crude language on numerous occasions.

"I just think there is a lot of neglect and there are officers who treat them [inmates] less than human," Larrick said it is what compelled him to take action.

He added that he's fully cooperated with the DOC investigation but feels now it has turned on him.

“I am probably going to go to jail for sticking my neck out." Larrick said he will turn himself in Thursday. He is charged with a felony for bringing contraband into the facility.

The DOC failed to provide a status update on the internal investigation in time for this report.