Charges Filed In Shooting Outside OKC Nightclub

Friday, July 13th 2018, 10:35 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Charges have been filed in Oklahoma County Court following a shooting near an Oklahoma City nightclub off west Britton Road.

A flood of 911 calls poured into dispatch and witnesses say they ducked for cover and even hid in closets, waiting for police to arrive.

Witnesses say they were at a college party inside Foxy's Night Club on June 30th around midnight.

Suddenly, gun shots were heard from across the street.

  • 911 OP: "Anybody shot?"
  • Caller: "They are shooting right now."

Arrest warrants were soon issued for 21-year old Myles Truitt and 20-year old Joesiah Turner.

Witnesses tell police that 20 shots were fired between suspects inside two vehicles.

They say after the first rounds were fired a silver impala continued to circle that block.

  • 911 OP: "So what's going on? What's he doing?"
  • Caller:"I have no idea. I can't see. We just hear gunshots and we can't get out the closet"

One victim was found shot in the leg at a location nearby.

  • Caller: "We called like 10 minutes ago and this car is still circling the block shooting at kids.
  • 911 OP: They're on their way."

Joesiah Turner, 20, does have a criminal history. Court records show a previous burglary as a juvenile and then a robbery conviction in 2014.

On the night of the shooting, one man says he was inside his home and heard the gunfire.

Soon, he says someone tried to turn his door knob.

  • 911 OP: "Do you have a description of him?"
  • Caller: "He was a black male."
  • 911 OP: "What was he wearing?"
  • Caller: " He was wearing a t-shirt. He was sweating real, real bad."

Officers found Turner, drenched in sweat, carrying a gun.

Police say the casings collected from the scene matched the rounds in Turner's magazine.

Later, an eye-witness reported that Myles Truitt was also one of the gunmen. Investigators say he turned himself in, posted bail, and is not currently in jail.

Documents filed yesterday show the two face a charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.