Woman Violently Attacked In Midtown OKC During Broad Daylight

Sunday, July 15th 2018, 10:17 pm

A woman was beaten and carjacked in midtown Oklahoma City Saturday afternoon in a crowded area.

Police are still looking for the female suspect, meanwhile the victim is trying to heal both physically and mentally.

It was the last thing Paris Burris expected Saturday afternoon, leaving brunch at Packards.

Burris says she was getting into her car when she noticed a woman at the trunk.

“She slowly approaches me and she tells me ‘there's something wrong with your trunk it's broken,’” Burris said.

The victim slowly realized that was a trick.

“She grabs me by my hair and forces me out of my car and she holds me down. She just starts wailing on me with this bottle,” Burris said.

A friend nearby saw what was happening and called police.

“I see Paris with her hands up against her car with the trunk open drenched in blood from her hairline, her whole face covered, her mouth spewing blood,” Burris’ friend Michaelene Stephenson said.

Before police could arrive, the suspect took off in Burris' car, a 2015 silver Hyundai hatchback.

Burris says at one point the suspect asked her how old she was.

The victim noticed she stood at about 5’2, with shoulder length black or brown hair and was carrying a brown Louis Vuitton bag.

With staples in her head and abrasions covering her face, Burris hopes someone will recognize the suspect, and her methods.

“Maybe if someone is in their car and they hear someone messing with their trunk, they will have heard this story and know hey this might be what they're trying to do to me,” Burris said.

Click here if you'd like to support the victim with various medical expenses.