Tip Leads To Major Gun And Drug Bust In SW OKC

Monday, July 23rd 2018, 11:34 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Four people have been arrested for their connection to an apparent drug operation inside an Oklahoma City home, according to police.

Officers say they got a tip around July 13 and began to surveil a property off Southwest 23rd Street.

“They went out there, conducted surveillance, noticed numerous vehicles coming and going from the residence at all hours of the day and night,” Oklahoma City Police MSgt. Gary Knight said.  “It appeared that narcotics were being sold out of this residence.”

Charges filed just days ago after officers say they found methamphetamine, marijuana and about 30 guns at the property.

Authorities say the main suspects, 39-year-old Christopher Chad Pool and 25-year-old Christina Loral McNees were not at home when they searched the property but were located later.

Two others, Tevin Trayvon Lowery and Leslie Renee Pool, were present during the search warrant and were arrested on smaller crimes.

Officers say the investigation is far from over.

“Many of the guns were stolen. They are still trying to work through that and see who they can trace them all back to,” MSgt. Knight said.

In 2015, Christina McNees faced charges in Greer County for carrying a weapon and bringing contraband into jail.

As for Christopher Pool, from 2000 until present day, he's been found guilty of drug and gun crimes, but also concealing stolen property.

Both are facing multiple counts of possessing firearms after conviction and possessing a firearm during the commission of a felony.

“It's important to note there was a large quantity of firearms, methamphetamine and marijuana that were all recovered, all of them taken off the street,” MSgt. Knight said.

If the maximum sentence is handed down, Christina McNees and Christopher Pool could spend life in prison.

There could also be as much as a $252,000 fine.

Lowery's family contacted News 9 to say while he was at the home, he has no connection to the drug operations.