Missing OKC Pilot's Son Ready For Mission

Thursday, July 26th 2018, 5:53 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

It's been seven months since an Oklahoma pilot disappeared while flying over the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, his son is prepared to embark on a trip to find his father.

Jake Kinsinger never thought he'd become a sailor, but now, it's not only his lifestyle, it’s his life's mission.

Jake has moved to Florida, completed sailing school and bought a boat.

He lives aboard, fileting fish in the morning and sailing at night.

“People ask me that a lot. They say, ‘Oh isn't it cool that you live on a sailboat?’ I'm like ‘no. Yes, it's mine, but think about the circumstances,’” Jake said.

Jake’s dad Bill disappeared back in January while flying over the Gulf of Mexico.

Since that day, it's been Jake's mission to find out what happened to his dad.

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“I'm moving in the right direction. It seems almost unreal that this plan is unfolding,” Jake said.

Jake's received over $37,000 worth of community donations over the past seven months in support of his mission.

Along with the boat, Jake has a crew and sonar equipment lined up to set sail in the fall once hurricane season passes.

“My family needs closure. We don't have a headstone we can go pray to, and that’s hard,” Jake said.