OKLAHOMA CITY - The son of a missing Oklahoma doctor is on a mission to figure out what happened to his father.

Jake Kinsinger says he wants closure for his family, but also wants to reduce dangers for other pilots.

“I can't sit down the rest of my life and know my dad's somewhere in the ocean and we didn't look for him,” Jake said.

Jake’s father Bill and his plane disappeared above the Gulf of Mexico last week, during a mission to save a disabled dog.

The Coast Guard ended their search just days ago, and Jake began his.

“It's his turn to be rescued. He deserves to be rescued and brought home,” Jake said.

Jake believes his father and the plane are at the bottom of the Gulf somewhere.

He started a GoFundMe page Wednesday, and it has already earned more than $13,000 dollars from donors.

“Some people are giving five dollars because that's all they have, but because they knew my dad and they love my dad,” Jake said.

The doctor’s son hopes those kind gestures add up to $100,000 dollars. 

He plans to buy or rent a boat and a sonar device to scan beneath the water for family closure and answers.

“Any other person in the world that flies the same kind of plane my dad does deserves to know what went wrong, if certain safety features didn't kick in, which is very possible,” Jake said.

Jake hopes to leave at the end of the month if he can.