Neighbor Confronts Teens Involved In MWC Shootout

Thursday, July 26th 2018, 6:27 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

One person is injured as two groups of teens exchange gunfire on a quiet street in Midwest City early Thursday, July 26.

Neighbors near Koch and Patricia Drives woke to the sounds of a crash and gunfire.

Jason Bowling ran outside, gun in hand, to find the suspects in his front yard.

"I had my gun pointed at them,” said Bowling. “They all started freaking out. And not to mention one of them had said they dropped their gun. And when I told them to get out of here I'm calling the cops, and another one got my distraction and the other one picked the gun up and they all scattered.”

Police say it all started when two teens walking down the street met with four teens driving in a van around 6 a.m.

"We had two juvenile males that were walking down the street. They apparently had some type of altercation with some other juveniles in a van. As they're walking down the street the van comes by, they recognize the van. Shots are exchanged,” said Major Robert Cornelison of the Midwest City Police Department.

Police say one of the teen victims was shot in the calf.

Bowling says in his opinion, none of the teens who shot up his neighborhood are victims.

"They did pick up a gun right here next to my house. I almost shot one of them. If they wouldn't have been kids I would have,” said Bowling. "That's (Expletive). There’s no way they're just victims. They come running over here with a gun. OK. Well, next time I won't hesitate to shoot and then we'll see who the victim is."

Police are still looking for two teens in connection to the shooting. They are not releasing any names because all the suspects are underage.