Metro Woman Reflects On Flood Water Destroying Family's Garage

Wednesday, August 15th 2018, 5:28 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Cleanup is underway after powerful storms slammed the metro Tuesday night.

The southwest side was particularly hard hit with one house looking like it had a raging river running through it. 

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Home video shows what Cassie Deck and her family dealt with during the storm.  Flood waters that looked more like a river was flowing right through her garage. She tried to open up the back door of the garage to let the water out, but it was just too powerful. 

"The wall was buckling outwards and popped the door open. The shelves that had stuff on it inside fell and it all swooshed out through the back,” said Deck.

The house has flooded before; never anything like this, but enough for Deck to know to keep valuables high. That wasn't enough to keep her things dry.

"All of our stuff that was inside the garage and our other trash cans is all around the fence line,” said Deck.

Her fence is about three and half feet high and Deck said it was completely under water.  

"It was about waist deep when I stepped outside,” recalled Deck. “Because my friend she lost a very important jewelry box that someone had made her. And basically, she tried catching it and I went and tried to catch it and the water was just moving too fast. It was pushing me."

Deck said stuff is just, well, stuff. It can be replaced.

“I'm definitely glad nobody got hurt.” She said, “I mean we lost some priceless gifts that you can't get back but it's better than losing a life."

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