Oklahoma Dispensaries Selling THC Legally For First Time

Friday, October 26th 2018, 7:46 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

For the first time Friday, medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma were legally allowed to sell products containing THC.

Several dispensaries in the metro area say they won’t begin carrying flowers or edibles until November, as they wait for the marijuana plants to mature.

Gaia's Favor opened Friday, but owner Shawn Carson says their plants aren’t ready yet.

“Growers all got their licenses very late August, beginning of September you know, and today is seven weeks from that, six weeks from that. There's just no way with the life cycle of a marijuana plant to have marijuana that's ready to be sold, smoked or consumed in any way right now,” Carson said.

However, across town, the folks at Happy Root 420 say it's both possible and legal to have the flowers ready to go, thanks to creative growing methods.

The line for bud went out the door Friday at Happy Root.

The state Medical Association was unable to confirm whether mature plants could possibly have been obtained legally.

Association President Dr. Jean Hausheer says with so many very different dispensaries opening, patients need to educate themselves about all their options.

“If you're not sure come find your physician and we will help you navigate through some of those difficult, challenging questions. A pharmacist is another good way to go,” Hausheer said.

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