OG&E Preparing For Weekend Winter Weather Across Oklahoma

Wednesday, December 5th 2018, 5:49 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Oklahoma road and power crews are preparing for this weekend's winter storm

OG&E says right now, they are making sure they have all the resources and people they need in case power lines go down.

“We’re just kind of getting ready to pull triggers on things if we need to,” says OG&E spokesperson Kathleen O’Shea.

That means identifying crews from states around Oklahoma that may be available to help.

OG&E is also looking at where to position resources ahead of time.

“We’ll start seeing what areas aren’t going to be effected. Maybe in the southeast, could we can send crews and go ahead and get them up there, before the event actually happens,” explained O’Shea. “Likewise, with materials, whether it be transformers or whatever, that we can get up to where we think we’re going to need them.”

ODOT says Wednesday they are starting to treat roads and overpasses.

Preparation will begin in Oklahoma City Thursday. In OKC, once the storm hits, crews will stay on continuous shifts to clear the snow routes. They do not clear other roads. 

“There’s so many, it’s really difficult. We have over 8,000 lane miles, that would be next to impossible,” said City of Oklahoma City Public Works spokesperson Shannon Cox. “We can do the 1,100 in an 8-hour shift.”

OG&E says the best way to get information is through your phone. So, if you haven't already signed up for text alerts, you can do that at OG&E.com. If the storm knocks out power, you can notify OG&E by text and then they will push out information to you when your power will be restored.

You can also call in an outage. But the company says only report an outage once, because doing so multiple times creates several tickets and a lot of confusion.

Also, if you see power lines down, report it to OG&E. Stay away from any power lines, even if they are in your backyard.

“If it gets down on the ground, keep your kids, your dogs away from it. Report it to us. We will get there, but keep everyone away from it,” said O’Shea.

Also, if the meter is pulled off your house, you will need an electrician to fix that before OG&E will be able to restore power.

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","published":"2018-12-05T23:49:51.000Z","updated":"2018-12-06T13:29:00.000Z","summary":"Oklahoma road and power crews are preparing for this weekend's winter storm.