City Scraps Plan To Connect Train Station Tunnel In Bricktown

Friday, January 4th 2019, 6:32 pm
By: Karl Torp

There's been a major change in plans to the old Santa Fe train station downtown.

Renovations inside Santa Fe stations were completed December 2017.

The City has now decided to scrap the idea to connect, what it calls, the “Intermodal Transportation Hub” to Bricktown by going under the tracks.

The City just got back bids on how much it would cost to tunnel under the tracks to Bricktown.

“It came in millions over each time,” says OKC Public Works Director Eric Wenger about the contractor bids.

Instead remaining funds, which include part of a federal grant, will be used to make improvements, as people use Reno and Sheridan to walk from Santa Fe station to Bricktown.

“We are looking to improve lighting, pedestrian features,” adds Wenger about the new plan to connect the station to Bricktown without a tunnel.

Those improvements still include a plaza in Bricktown. It has to be done by the end of June to utilize the grant money.

The entire renovation project cost around $28 million.