6-Month-Old Dies After Rushed To Hospital From Warr Acres Home Daycare

Wednesday, February 27th 2019, 10:02 pm
By: News 9

A 6-month-old boy has died after being rushed from a Warr Acres home daycare last Thursday. Now his family is searching for transparency. 

Liam Farrar had been in critical condition at OU Children’s. While no one has been arrested or charged, daycare provider Kelly Knipfer is the subject of a police investigation.

 Oklahoma DHS revoked Knipfer’s license to operate two months ago, but because she appealed, she was allowed to continue.

DHS Spokesperson Casey White says families looking for good daycare, or if they want to check on their present daycare provider, can do so by going to www.okdhs.org.

“You can find the childcare locator under our online services tab, or you can find it on our child services page,” said White. 

The Farrar family’s attorney issued a statement Wednesday that reads in part, “We are highly disappointed with the information we found. We urge the daycare to cooperate with the investigation, so the family can have the answers they desperately deserve.” 

News 9 attempted to reach Knipfer by phone Wednesday and were unable to do so.