Woman Refuses To Be Robbed, Chases After Suspects In NW OKC

Thursday, June 13th 2019, 5:33 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

Two suspects are behind bars after a planned transaction quickly turned into a failed robbery Wednesday. 

The victim, Kassidy Johnson, said she thought she had found a buyer for her old cell phone on the app, "OfferUp".

However, when Johnson tried to meet up with the buyer for the exchange, there were several red flags.

 “He asked me to meet up at Penn, then he said he was at Quail, and then he gave me an address to the Oil Center and told me to come behind the parking lot,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, she found the buyer behind the Oil Center on Northwest Expressway and handed over her phone.

“Then out of nowhere, somebody came around his car and said he had a gun and was trying to rob me,” Johnson said.

The victim said she wasn’t scared and wasn’t about to be robbed.

“I took my phone out of his hand, the driver's hand. I'm like, ‘you all aren't going to rob me,’” Johnson said.

Police said Johnson then got into her own car and called 911.

That’s when the young men began running away from the scene. Johnson followed them in her car.

Several minutes later, the two suspects were stopped by police and arrested on May Avenue.

The police report identified the suspects as Jude Offiah and Zacchaeus Johnson.

“We don’t encourage people to follow suspects, obviously, especially in an armed robbery situation. However, it does appear like that she kept a safe distance and was able to give that accurate information to officers, which aided in helping to get these people quickly apprehended,” Oklahoma City Police Officer Megan Morgan said.

Morgan said anyone using an app to sell or buy items to meet outside a police department if possible.