Father, Daughter Accused Of Running Illegal Gambling Operation At OKC Bar

Thursday, September 19th 2019, 10:43 pm
By: News 9

An illegal gambling operation was found inside a bar in South Oklahoma City. A raid by police and the ABLE Commission uncovered illegal slot machines and gaming tables in a secret room.   

Behind its mirrored and blacked out façade, Oklahoma City police said Enzone owners Michael Yones and his daughter Carrie Reddin were running an illegal business.

During an investigation that spanned nearly a year, in November 2018 undercover investigators went into the bar "in an attempt to determine if illegal gambling involving slot machines was on going." 

But when officers questioned employees about the slot machines seen through a small door, employees "denied any knowledge of the machines,” according to court documents.

Then in August, investigators returned during an overt operation.

ABLE investigators found Yones did not have a liquor license but had been serving alcohol.

Investigators also, "located a pool que rack" that served as a "door to a hidden room " that housed slot machines and a gaming table.

An officer reportedly "pried open the door slightly" and found Yones inside.

Reports show Yones "refused to open the door,” and that it had to be "physically breached by officers."

Yones, his daughter and three of their employees were arrested on various violations.

A search of the business uncovered hidden cameras over a poker table and more outside.

Money was also found tucked away in a kitchen freezer.

Reports also show Yones was living inside the building, but when News 9 tried make contact with him, Yones would not come to the door.

Employees said he was not available.