Newly Released Court Documents Reveal OKC Attorney's Alleged Connection To Beggs Triple Homicide

Monday, September 30th 2019, 11:07 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Oklahoma City attorney Keegan Harroz was officially charged Monday afternoon in federal court. She faces a complaint of prohibited person in possession of ammunition and a complaint of selling or otherwise disposing of a firearm to a prohibited person. 

But those are just some of the allegations Harroz is facing.

In the criminal complaint released Monday, investigators revealed the alleged link between Harroz and a triple-murder plot out of Okmulgee County.

Earlier this month, Jack and Evelyn Chandler, and their daughter Tiffany Eichor were found shot to death at their home in Beggs.

Investigators soon suspected Tiffany's ex-boyfriend, Barry Titus. She and Titus had a history of domestic violence, and Titus allegedly made "threats to kill the family."

His attorney in that case was Harroz, who was also his new girlfriend.

Investigators said Harroz later sent indirect threats to the family at least twice, and as a result was charged with intimidating a witness in Okmulgee County.

After she bonded out of custody there, within hours federal investigators made their arrest.

Detectives elude to the fact that Harroz and Titus appeared to have planned their own alibi. The two reportedly took a vacation to Texas from "September 6th" to the "10th" while the alleged murder was on the 7th.

According to the new federal criminal complaint by the "16th", a witness in Texas called "911" to say, "he was given a firearm to hold..." and the gun "may have been used in a triple homicide in Oklahoma."

Investigators ran the serial number and traced it to Cleveland County. They located the original owner who said in August, he sold the gun to Titus and Harroz came up with the money.

Online court orders show neither of them are allowed to own weapons.

Teams searched Harroz's home and office, and said in the criminal complaint, they discovered she purchased ammunition also recovered by Okmulgee County and Texas officers.

Harroz is expected back in court Wednesday, October 2 and remains in custody. Her federal attorney declined comment Monday.