OKC Attorney, Boyfriend Named Suspects In Beggs Triple Homicide

Wednesday, October 2nd 2019, 10:14 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A federal judge has bound Keegan Harroz over for trial following accusations of federal weapons charges. 

Yet, one of the more surprising outcomes in court came from the prosecution team who named Harroz and her boyfriend Barry Titus as triple murder suspects involving a case out of Okmulgee County.

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Harroz defense team was outraged by the murder allegations and pointed to that fact that no one has been charged with the deaths.

Yet, prosecutors eluded to the fact that Harroz and Titus might have worked together in an act of revenge against one of the victims.

Days after the killings, Harroz's own brother called police to say, "he was given a firearm to hold..." and the gun "may have been used in a triple homicide...".

So far, Harroz is only charged with illegally possessing ammo, intimidating a witness, and illegally providing a firearm to her boyfriend, not murder.

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Titus was re-arrested and sent to the Oklahoma County Jail on old charges.

The prosecution states Harroz and Titus are not allowed to own weapons because both have a history of domestic violence, but Harroz defense team argues that's not true based on a specific piece in the law.

The defense said that Harroz never had a hearing regarding a victim’s protective order issued against her, and because there was no hearing, she was allowed to purchase ammunition and have firearms.

Her attorney boldly stated near the end of court that, "At trial, we are going to win this case."

Harroz former law partner and ex-boyfriend said awhile back he filed "a very solid BAR complaint against her" regarding her actions with her clients, and he is waiting to hear from the association.

The BAR said they could not comment on any investigation, or lack thereof.

Harroz attorney declined comment Wednesday.