Owner Devastated After Learning Horses Stabbed At Remington Park

Thursday, October 17th 2019, 7:03 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

The owner of several horses at Remington Park said he’s devastated after numerous horses were attacked in the stables this week. 

Over the years, Jim Helzer has put much of his money and time into caring for his animals. 

“I'd like to be a horse. I really would. They take such good care of us and consequently we take very good care of them,” Helzer said.

That's why Helzer was devastated Wednesday, to learn three of his 15 horses at Remington were among those stabbed overnight.

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“It's just like having your child. They become that important to you,” Helzer said.

The three horses, Euro Diamond, Euro Roper, and Smart Box are each worth thousands of dollars, according to a police report.

Each horse is expected to be okay, but investigators reported Smart Box was, “lucky to be alive,” after the stabbing.

“That particular one, she's going to be out of training for at least four weeks,” Helzer said of Smart Box.

As the horses recover, the man accused of stabbing them is behind bars.

Thanks to surveillance video at Remington, Oklahoma City Police were able to pinpoint Dakota Wilbourn as the suspect, accused of stabbing several horses in the stables.

Helzer said he is pleased with both Remington and the police for their quick investigation.

“You know a lot of people take vacations? My horses are my vacation,” Helzer said.

While the injuries to the horses will be expensive, Helzer said that's nothing compared to what this crime cost him emotionally.

“It doesn’t make any difference whether he's worth five dollars or a million. You've got to treat them with respect, and they are defenseless, and that's what really hurts,” Helzer said.