OKLAHOMA CITY - A stable hand is accused of stabbing several racehorses at Remington Park. 

According to a Remington Park spokesperson it happened Tuesday night in one of the horse barns on the side of the property.  Five racehorses valued at over $100,000 were injured.

Remington Park spokesperson Kin Koch said around 10:45 p.m. someone found the injured horses and alerted security. The Oklahoma City Police Department was called in to investigate.

“The employees there explained that a horse had been cut on his neck and his face and later found that actually five horses in total had been injured in the same manner,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police Department.                

Remington park security had already detained Dakota Wilburn who lives on site.

Wilburn is facing five counts of animal cruelty.  Police said they have video of him entering the stall of one of the horses.

“In one of the videos the suspect is making a slashing motion toward one of the horses,” said Morgan.

Police said Wilburn is also shown on video walking down toward where the other animals were injured.

Remington Park would only release a statement on the situation saying in part:              

"Medical assistance of a veterinarian was requested immediately and all horses involved received the care and attention needed as quickly as possible. All injuries are believed to be non-life threatening and the horses are resting comfortably."