Historic NE OKC Building Saved From Demolition

Friday, October 25th 2019, 6:26 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A historic Northeast Oklahoma City building will not be demolished. 

In 2018, the Care Center, a non-profit helping abused children, bought the property next door located at Northeast 14th and Everest. The non-profit bought the property with the hope of demolishing the Brockway Center to expand its campus.

The Care Center had no idea the Brockway Center once housed a more than 100-year-old African American women's group.

OKC Councilwoman Nikki Nice filed a petition to save the home.

Following a rally and an offer to move the building by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority, both sides agreed it will stay put.

“It was an emotional time, but it is a beautiful thing to see leaders come together to provide the solutions for our city,” said The Care Center CEO Stacy McNeiland.

The Oklahoma City Redevelopment Authority will purchase the home for $400,000. The other half of the property will leave room for construction.

“We will build a brand-new building just to the north on our current parking lot, and we will expand our lot, so our new building will contain more space for medical exams, mental health services, and client relations services,” said McNeiland.

The Care Center said it will continue to raise funds for the project and it is halfway there, renewing their commitment to metro children who've been through the worst.

“We're hoping that we can break ground sometime this summer or early fall,” said McNeiland. “Then the real magic will begin of constructing that building and looking forward to the future.

The Oklahoma City Redevelopment Authority will likely work on proposals to redevelop the Brockway Center. The deal is expected to close on or before Halloween.