Parents Call For Investigation Of Western Heights Superintendent

Monday, October 28th 2019, 7:02 am
By: Ashley Holden

Western Heights parents are planning to confront the school board at a special meeting Monday night. 
There's now an event on Facebook calling for an investigation into Superintendent Mannix Barnes.
Parents want the investigation to cover a wide variety of topics, including the superintendent's past education and work history, claims of classroom overcrowding and certain hires for the district. other topics include Supt. Barnes' salary, employees not getting paid and his relationship with some of the school board members. 
News 9 sat down with Supt. Barnes in mid-October to hear his responses to some of those claims.
As for his $220,000 base salary, Supt. Barnes said he is now in charge of a very difficult district that was in need of someone who was going to be able to raise funds.
"This is probably one of the toughest districts that any superintendent would have to deal with," he said. "There's severe issues with discipline that we are dealing with on a daily basis. We are dealing with parents that come in and threaten teachers and principals. This is not your Edmond. This is not your Jenks."
Supt. Barnes took the position this past summer. His background is in management and business. 
He was previously the general manager of a casino.
Supt.Barnes' Board President, Robert Everman, was his former employee.

News 9 approached Everman about their relationship when the superintendent was first hired.
“I’ve worked with him for many, many years and I think that gives me a perspective on how he operates as a CEO. He and I work very well together,” said Everman at the time. 
The pairs' relationship is an item on the list that parents want investigated. 
The Facebook event said they wanted people to come to the meeting, but organizers said some wanted to go as far as protesting. 
Click here to see the event Facebook page.