OSU Freshman Basketball Player Suspended Following Rape Accusation

Tuesday, October 29th 2019, 6:43 pm
By: Storme Jones

A freshman basketball player at Oklahoma State University has been pulled from the team following an accusation of rape. 

A woman filed an emergency protective order last week, alleging Marcus Watson sexually assaulted her October 19 after leaving a Stillwater bar.

According to News 9 Sports Director Dean Blevins, this is the sixth player kicked off or suspended under Head Coach Mike Boynton.

“He’s the second cousin to Boynton,” Blevins said.

Watson has not been arrested or charged with anything relating to this allegation.

Court documents reveal, the accuser said she believed she was going to Watson’s apartment with a group of people, but the others chose to leave.

She claims she told Watson “we would not be having sex.”

But according to the protective order, the 19-year-old would not take no for an answer, telling her, "You know you want it." And, “You know it's fine, you want it."

The woman said despite her struggling, Watson pulled her pants down and raped her.

She said once he stopped, she locked herself in his bathroom and called a friend, but, “he forced himself into the bathroom.”

According to court documents, she ran from the apartment and met a friend coming to pick her up.

She said she went to a hospital and had a rape kit test preformed.  

In a statement, the Oklahoma State University Athletics Department said, "OSU is aware of the request for protective order and takes such matters seriously. Pending further investigation, the student athlete currently is being withheld from team activities."

“He’s number one in Boynton’s top 25 national class. He was a top 50 recruit,” Blevins said.

Oklahoma State University Police are handling the investigation and didn't have a comment.