Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office To Hold Firearm Auction

Wednesday, March 20th 2019, 7:21 am
By: Ashley Holden

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office will be auctioning off items in its evidence room next Friday. 

This is the first time they're holding an auction of this type and scale.

The evidence room in the Oklahoma County Jail is down in the basement. That's where hundreds of guns are being held before they go up for auction. 

"So we've got shotguns, rifles, pistols," said Mark Opgrande. "Some of these weapons have been around here since the 50's. Even before that." 

Opgrande said they have these guns for numerous reasons. 

"These are items that were either give to the Sheriff's Office, surrendered to the Sheriff's Officer," he said. "Maybe they were discovered from a burglary."

To auction off the around 700 guns that are ready for sale, the Sheriff's Office had to get a judge's okay. They are also only opening up the auction to people with a Federal Firearms License. 

"If you decide to go to them, then you will have to go through the federal background checks in order to purchase these weapons," he said. 

Opgrange said this is another safety check for them.

The Sheriff's Office is hoping to use funds to help with training.