Noble Police Investigating Storage Unit Break-Ins

Wednesday, January 2nd 2019, 5:31 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

Noble police are investigating several reports of thieves breaking into storage units and stealing items. Three separate storage buildings near the South Sixth Street and Maguire Road intersection are among the targets. 

Police say the break-ins began early last week. Various types of lawn equipment are among several things missing.

“One had a refrigerator stolen out of it,” said Casey Cottrell, Noble Assistant Chief of Police. “The others appear to have nothing taken out of it or the owners aren't sure what was in there, so they can't tell us for sure what was taken.”

Police say preventing storage unit theft is easy. They suggest you make it part of your routine to stop by frequently and use round style padlocks because they are more difficult to cut.

“Know what is in your storage unit and document those things,” said Cottrell. “Document any serial numbers for items of value and keep track of those things. So, that if you do have this happen to you, it makes it a lot easier for law enforcement to get those items back to you.”

Stolen items often end up at pawn shops for quick cash. Police urge the saying, “if you see something, say something.”

“We always encourage anyone that sees any suspicious activity to give us a call,” said Cottrell. “They can call our non-emergency line or call 911 and it will come straight directly to the police department.”

If you have any information regarding the string of storage unit break-ins, give the Noble Police Department a call at 405-872-9231.