New Allegations Against Boren Prompt New Scrutiny Of Old Accusations

Tuesday, April 23rd 2019, 9:08 am
By: Grant Hermes

As investigations into allegations of sexual assault, harassment and misconduct against former University of Oklahoma President David Boren continue, past reports are now under new scrutiny.

The 77-year-old Boren has denied that he's a gay man for more than 40 years. For nearly just as long he's been denying serious allegations that he's a serial predator with at least, according to one accuser, an alleged legacy of victims

Some of those accusations span decades, through Boren's time as a US Senator and Governor, detailed in a pair of books from the early 90s which describe he allegedly sexually harassed male aides during his time in Washington.

Questions about Boren’s sexual orientation began in the early days of his run for Senate, infamously culminating in him denying rumors he was gay with a hand on a bible.

“I further swear that I am not a homosexual or bisexual. And I further swear that I have never been a homosexual or bisexual,” Boren swore to a crowd of reporters.

“David Boren is the queer version of Harvey Weinstein,” gay rights activist Michael Petrelis said.

Petrelis now lives in San Francisco. He and his former organization Queer Nation protested lawmakers like then Sen. Boren after the release of the first book. The protest largely went uncovered, whether it was because the allegations were homosexual in nature, Petrelis could not confirm.

“He's moved from powerful position to powerful position up a ladder methodically climbed a ladder acquiring more power as he climbed that ladder and allegations of sexual abuse exist for decades,” Petrelis said.

Three men have now brought allegations against Boren and former OU Vice President Tripp Hall, bringing the number of investigations to four, including OU’s internal investigation.

The new round of allegations have begun a controversy within the OU alumnus LGBTQ community too. Men in the University's LGBTQ alumni group alluding to past misconduct on Facebook. Many members of the group acknowledged there was truth not only to rumors of Boren’s sexual orientation but also there were long standing and well-known allegations of sexual misconduct.

One writing, "My husband had a #metoo moment with Boren when he was a freshman. We hoped that it was just an isolated incident." That commenter later saying the alleged incident occurred in the 90s.

“I wondered when this was going to finally come out,” wrote another.

Boren’s attorney, Clark Brewster, did not return a request for comment, but has previously denied any wrong doing by Boren.