Medical Marijuana Group Opposes Recreational Marijuana Question

Tuesday, January 14th 2020, 8:11 pm
By: Karl Torp

Marijuana supporters could be fighting themselves come November in Oklahoma over recreational marijuana use.

The 90-day window to collect 179,000 signatures to get recreational marijuana on the November ballot opens soon.

Supporters said State Question 807 would not affect the state's medical marijuana program.

Only existing medical marijuana dispensaries would be allowed to sell recreational marijuana for the first two years under 807.

But some medical marijuana supporters said it’s too much too soon.

“Let’s give it a second. Let’s get 788 protected and guaranteed for the patients before we worry about the recreational side of things,” said Chelsea Marlett-Kennedy.

Marlett-Kennedy said she is helping to organize opposition to SQ 807 and will be talking strategy at the meeting this weekend.

Meanwhile, SQ 807 supporters are gearing up to gather signatures.

“We have done our very, very best to make it crystal clear that we are not affecting the medical program,” said SQ 807 spokesperson Michelle Tilley.

There is also another state question push to decriminalize recreational marijuana. Its supporters will also be gathering signatures.