Oklahoma City Residents Concerned Over New 5G Towers

Tuesday, March 3rd 2020, 6:51 pm
By: Karl Torp

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. – The Oklahoma City City Council is being asked to pump the brakes on approving so many 5G cell towers.

One group argued there's no proof that the towers going up now are safe.

The claim is that 5G towers can transmit information 100 to 1,000 times faster than today's mobile network by using higher frequencies.

“They have done no studies to prove that these are safe,” said Saundra Traywick.

Traywick started the Facebook group Oklahomans for 5G Safety.

She wanted to make sure the more powerful 5G towers aren't producing radiation that can cause cancer and other illnesses.

Traywick said the FCC has too much power in telling cities where the towers should be placed.

“We could have thousands of towers up by this time next year. They could go up in front of your house, your child's school, and there’s is nothing you can do,” Traywick said.

Oklahomans for 5G Safety are looking for a citywide moratorium on 5G towers until more information is available.

But Tuesday, the City Council made it clear how powerless municipalities feel on the issue.

“The FCC has essentially tied our hands in what we can do,” said councilwoman Jo Beth Hamon on Tuesday.

So much so, an ordinance was introduced Tuesday to pass the approval of 5G towers to the Board of Adjustments.