My 2 Cents: Pelosi Launches Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump

Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 11:30 pm
By: News 9

It's not about politics, it's about our Constitution -- that's how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her decision to launch an impeachment inquiry of President Trump. 

Pelosi's change of heart is based on a phone call the president made to the president of Ukraine. During that call it is alleged President Trump urged the Ukrainians to investigate corruption in their country by our former Vice President Joe Biden, who's also the leading Democrat for president. 

While he was VP, Biden's son was asked to serve on the board of a Ukrainian oil company, at a salary of $50,000 a month. It may be that's what President Trump asked about.

Nobody has seen the transcript of the call, but they will Wednesday, the White House has decided to release it, the president promising it will show no corruption.

So, we'll know more Wednesday.

In the meantime, I go back to what I said Monday, that I was stunned that "the deputy AG was willing to spy on the president in the Oval Office".

Now, somebody else in the White House is leaking out information, this time about a private phone call between two presidents... dangerous.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.