Your 2 Cents: Surgeon General Warns Of Hardest Week Of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Wednesday, April 8th 2020, 7:02 pm
By: News 9

I thought the surgeon general predicting the devastation of the coronavirus this week would be this generation's Pearl Harbor or 9/11 was over the top. Here's what you had to say about it:

Jim first: "The models that the experts are using may be the same ones used to predict "climate change!"

Marie wrote: "You claim that he is using his words to negatively influence others but your statement has done the same, "Hyperbole!"

Dorothy asked: "I wondered if this is a scare tactic to convince people to stay home."

From JD: "If the prediction is true then I can see a level of sadness that rivals those dates, because it will impact some in our circle of acquaintances."

Elisabeth added: "We've lost 11,000 people in 6 weeks. It's likely to more than double. Our economy is in shambles. And our leadership has floundered. We are utterly helpless."

No we're not, medical breakthroughs are happening, people are distancing to slow the spread, not helpless at all.

Connie said: "Some are not taking this seriously enough. His words were meant to make us think."

But Judy pointed out that he's been wrong in the past: "He also told the American public to not wear face masks.”

I’m Kelly Ogle and that’s YOUR 2 Cents.