OKLAHOMA CITY - A self-proclaimed second amendment auditor posted bond Friday night, and was released from the Oklahoma County Jail.  

He was arrested Tuesday for toting an AR-15 into a metro restaurant where alcohol is served.

In court Friday, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater asked that Tim Harper's $100,000 cash bond remain, citing he's a danger to society, even claiming some of his recent actions are racist.

A normally outspoken Harper had little to say as he was escorted out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

While in court, Harper's attorney argued his bond was excessive, citing he had no criminal convictions, was not a flight risk, was employed, and had strong ties to the Oklahoma community.

Meanwhile, DA Prater argued when Harper entered Twin Peaks with his AR-15 strapped to his body, he could have incited mass chaos.

He also referenced an incident captured on video.

Prater said just before entering Twin Peaks, Harper tried to provoke a response from a predominantly black community while standing outside this church in Northeast OKC, again armed with his AR.

Those living in that community agreed with DA Prater, saying he often frequents the NE side to intimidate residents with his gun.

“He says disparaging, derogatory, and racially decisive statements, and to me that indicates he is a racist and is a bully and terrorist,” said Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson.

But not everyone agrees, including self-defense instructor Adrian Otap.

“I’ve known Mr. Harper for some time, I don’t fell he’s racist in any way, shape or form. I saw it was racially pandering,” said Otap.

The judge refused a request to lower Harper's bond, but he lifted the all cash restriction and Harper bonded out Friday.