New details emerge from the scene of a double murder-suicide that left three people dead.

Police said a man killed his fiancee and their friend before turning the gun on himself.

This happened in Edmond's Hidden Prairie addition.

According to neighbors, Scott Garber served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and suffered from PTSD.

Two calls to 911 sent police racing to a home near 15th and Kelly on Marbleseed Court.

Prior to the shootings, police said, one caller told dispatchers she was on the phone with her friend Sarah Semlar when the line suddenly went silent.

“I believe her statement was 'my friend was getting into it with her boyfriend' and that she last heard Sarah say he had a gun,” said Edmond Police Sgt. James Hamm.

Then, just before 2 a.m. a second call came in from Semlar's fiance Scott Garber. In that call, he detailed what he had done and planned to do, police said.

Garber told dispatchers his 11-year-old daughter was still in the home before turning the gun on himself.

When police arrived they found Garber, his fiancee, and their mutual friend Adam Crawford dead.

They also found a terrified little girl inside the home.

“She heard the arguing and she heard loud bangs and she went and hid in the closet,” said Hamm.

Police don't think Garber's daughter witnessed the shootings and made every effort to shield her from the scene.

“The officers came into contact with her and were able to place something over her head so she wouldn't see what had occurred,” said Hamm.

On Saturday, police responded to a domestic situation at the home involving all three individuals.

However, no one was arrested.

Garber and his fiancee were to be wed in October.