OKLAHOMA CITY - A man released from the Woods County jail seven days before allegedly shooting a metro woman, is now in the Oklahoma County jail. 

Police arrested Dylan Schwenk, 27, Friday on a first-degree murder complaint and one count of armed robbery. Officers arrested Tiffany Graves, 30, and Dustin Turner, 41, over the weekend in connection with the shooting death of Brandie Alden, 38. 

Instead of celebrating Mother's Day with her five children and relatives, Alden’s family grieves her sudden death. Alden was inside her Northwest Oklahoma City apartment Thursday night, when she heard a knock at the door.

“She had a friend to answer the door, and she was asking who is it,” said Tiffany Charles, victim’s sister-in-law. “He said I can’t hear because of the noise in the apartment, and she said just open the door.”

On the other side of the door was the alleged gunman, also Graves and Turner. Police said several shots were fired during an altercation. Alden was hit in the chest and arms. The mother of five later died at the hospital.

“Like my heart is in shambles because no matter what she done, good, bad or ugly she loved her kids,” said Charles. “I know that was the last thing on her mind was her children.”         

Charles said her sister-in-law knew Schwenk and that he forced his way into her apartment.

She was upset to learn that the homicide suspect was recently released from the Woods County jail without posting bond. Court documents confirmed Schwenk was released on personal recognizance for two felony cases seven days before Alden's death. 

“Had they kept him there,” said Charles. “My sister-in-law would still be breathing today. We would have had her yesterday for Mother’s Day.”

Charles said to make matters worse, Alden's family in Montana is having her body transferred there to be buried. Nearly 1,500 miles away from Alden’s children in Ada.

Charles has set up a GoFundMe account to help support Alden’s children and to raise enough for a homegoing service. Click here if you would like to donate.