CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Utah woman sits behind bars in Canadian County after deputies found marijuana, marijuana edibles and meth in her car. 

A Canadian County sheriff’s deputy was on patrol Sunday around 5:30 p.m., when he noticed a Chevrolet Sonic swerving in lanes near mile marker 118. The deputy pulled the driver over, and he said the driver couldn’t get her story straight. 

“Normally when you get people traveling across the country, they know exactly where they are coming from, they know exactly where they are heading to,” said Canadian County Sheriff Chris West. “They know exactly what they are doing, if they rent a car, rental papers are in the vehicle.”

With no rental paperwork, the deputy became suspicious and then called a K-9 officer.

“We call it a free air sniff, (the K-9) ran all the way around the parameter of the vehicle and actually alerted to the presence of illegal drugs,” said Sheriff West.

Deputies found 30 lbs. of high-grade marijuana, another 5 lbs. of marijuana in over 140 separate tin cans, marijuana edibles, meth and syringes.

It is estimated the confiscated items hold a street value of $70,000. 

Shanna Michelle King, 30, of Elk Ridge, Utah, was arrested and taken to the Canadian County Jail. Her bond was set at $51,000.

“Clearly to us, she is what we call a mule,” said Sheriff West. “She is transporting illegal drugs across the country and we were able to make her arrest and seize those drugs. So, they won't make it to the streets.”

King is being charged with trafficking marijuana and possession of methamphetamines.