OKLAHOMA CITY - OG&E linemen were hard at work restoring power in Puerto Rico over the past 40 days. The final crew returns home on Thursday.

About 1 p.m. Thursday, the second and final wave of linemen from OG&E will arrive at Will Rogers World Airport but these crews have been hard at work.

The lights are back on in a neighborhood in Puerto Rico.

OG&E sent News 9 a video showing the celebration after a worker flipped the switch to restore power to their homes.

This group of linemen has been in Puerto Rico for the past 40 days working in conditions they aren't used to here in Oklahoma.

The island has been without power for the past five months due to Hurricane Maria. 

They've worked 16 hour days, and although they're ready to see friends and family back here in Oklahoma, many of them have said they will miss the grateful people of Puerto Rico. 

Thanks to OG&E crews, many people on the island were able to experience the joy of having power once again.