GolfSuites Employees Speak Out Following Abrupt Closure

The employees say it’s scary to go from having a job one day to not having one the next and now they’re scrambling to find new jobs.

Wednesday, April 24th 2024, 10:00 pm


Some former employees of the GolfSuites at the Riverwalk in Jenks are frustrated after the business closed with no warning.

The employees say they had no idea it was coming and had been preparing for a busy summer.

The employees say it’s scary to go from having a job one day to not having one the next and now they’re scrambling to find new jobs.

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Former employees at the Tulsa GolfSuites say they found out they no longer had jobs through a text message.

Employees shared the text message with News On 6 that reads: 

Team, It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the closure of Tulsa GolfSuites today April 23, 2024. After exhaustive efforts to resolve challenges with property owners, we have regrettably been unable to continue operations. Payroll will be distributed on April 24th and again on May 1st for those who worked 4/18-22nd. Tulsa GolfSuites extends its heartfelt thanks to all its Team Partners for their hard work, dedication, and commitment over the years. You have been an invaluable part of our journey, and your contributions will always be remembered and appreciated.”

"Fired,” said Beau Talley. “Done. Year of being here. We've had people here for six years."

Many said they had no clue the place was going to close.

"When they hired me, they talked about planning on moving on as normal, we were planning for summer, we were hiring tons of people,” said Tyler Johnson. “We were ready to get the big, huge summer rushes. We were doing a bunch of stuff. Then all of a sudden, this morning, everyone just got fired."

"It was funny because none of our managers knew except one, and the only manager that knew didn't tell any of the other managers, didn't tell any of his coworkers, and we all got dropped within like, no notice,” said Gretchen Sanford.

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation told News On 6 GolfSuites didn't fulfill their lease and had to be evicted.

The Nation sent this statement to News On 6 which says in full:

Today (April 23, 2024), the District Court for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation issued an order of eviction against GolfSuites Tulsa, LLC (GolfSuites) for breaching its lease agreement with the Riverwalk Crossing commercial property in Jenks. Riverwalk Crossing is owned by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Onefire Holding Company, LLC (Onefire), a business enterprise of the Nation, is the landlord for the property.GolfSuites has operated at Riverwalk Crossing since 2019. Beginning in December 2022, Onefire made efforts to work with GolfSuites to maintain their tenancy, but ultimately, their inability to fulfill their lease obligations left Onefire with no option but to pursue eviction. In November 2023, due to GolfSuites’ noncompliance with the lease terms, Onefire was compelled to file a lawsuit in the Nation’s District Court seeking to recover possession of the leased property and fulfillment of outstanding financial obligations. Onefire Interim CEO Debbie Severson said, “We value the relationships we have with our tenants at Riverwalk Crossing, and the economic contributions they bring to the local community are significant. However, Onefire also has a responsibility to the Nation and its Citizens to uphold sound business practices and principles in our management of Riverwalk Crossing.”

GolfSuites sent News On 6 a statement that says in full:

We worked tirelessly to ensure the continued operation of GolfSuites Tulsa, striving to maintain our commitment to our valued staff and loyal customers. Unfortunately, on Monday April 22nd, we received the disheartening news that we would not be permitted to remain at our current property until December 2024, as we had hoped in order to keep business and jobs intact. Despite our efforts, the ruling by the Tribal nation judge necessitated our immediate departure. We pledge to assist our staff in securing alternative employment opportunities and will promptly honor all gift cards and deposits. Our commitment to our patrons remains unwavering. We are forever grateful for the support of the Tulsa community and hopeful for the opportunity to revive and thrive there once again."

Former employees say they wish the situation would have been handled better and feel they should've been given a heads-up.

"I think we should have at least had a meeting, not over text,” said Rhiannon Baker. “Or notice at least, like a week before, I don't know."

"I'm 17, and I don't have big bills to pay, I have small things,” said Johnson. “It's not going to impact me, I can get another job. But there's other coworkers that have family. that have children, that have needs that go paycheck to paycheck, and that's going to affect them way more."

The employees tell News On 6 the app they used to get their schedules, has been deactivated, so they’re worried about getting their last paychecks.


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