Back To School: Inflation

Wednesday, August 3rd 2022, 4:19 am
By: News 9

Despite rising the rising costs of inflation, school supplies "haven't been hit" as hard, according to University of Central Oklahoma professor Travis Roach.

Inflation could cause some back to school products to be pricier, but not all products are affected the same.

As far as school supplies UCO economics professor Travis Roach says according to the federal reserve education spending is at where inflation needs to be.

"Education items are easier to produce and can be made in other places," Roach said. "They're not too difficult to transport into the country like other items so they haven't been hit by that, not like oil and gas."

Roach said educational items like notebooks, pens, paper, folders and other school items are not going to see as much of a price hike.

However, for lower-income families and people struggling to make ends meet,. Roach also said to look out for deals and use resources like school supply drives around your community.