Mustang Family Details How Large Grass Fire Damaged Their Home

Wednesday, July 6th 2022, 9:03 pm

MUSTANG, Oklahoma -

A grass fire Tuesday came dangerously close to family homes. 

A black line in the backyard shows just how close Tonya Davidson’s home came to disaster. 

“The big ball of fire that y’all took a picture of? It was that big, monstrous, and I was standing right here with the water hose, thinking I was going save it,” Davidson said. 

It didn’t take long for reality to sink in.  

“Me and my neighbor, he was over there with his hose. I was with mine,” Davidson said. “And we were both, and I hollered at him, and I was like, ‘This isn’t gonna (sic) -- we’re not doing anything here, and he said, ‘No, I think we’re in trouble.”

“All it takes, once we get to this time of year, for a really significant grassfire to start is we need a day like today (Tuesday) where it’s a little bit windy, the humidity gets very low,” Oklahoma City Fire Department public information officer Benny Fulkerson said. “The only thing you’re missing at that point is a spark.” 

Dozens of firefighters fought the blaze that jumped railroad tracks.

“We don’t see the trains, when you look out through there,” Davidson said. “Now, I’m sitting out here looking.”

“Be very vigilant from now, moving forward, because it’s only going to get worse as the summer gets hotter and the grass becomes more and more brown,” Fulkerson said. 

“It’s just, knowing God’s good,” Davidson said. “That’s all I can say when I look at this and where it stopped.”

A disaster was averted. 

“They were awesome,” Davidson said. “The firemen did a good job.”