Metro Teen Catches Firework Mishap At Scissortail Park On Camera

Tuesday, July 5th 2022, 9:22 pm


A metro teen was recording Sunday's firework show at Scissortail Park when suddenly she said she found herself in the line of fire. 

An incredible display of fireworks. So special, Cassandra Miner pulled out her cellphone. 

“We were just watching the fireworks, I was just recording them,” said Miner. 

Then, a minute and a half into the show, excitement turned to chaos. 

“All of a sudden a firework just came at us, it looked like a fireball actually,” said Miner.  

Miner’s six-year-old sister and mother Susan Cota were also there. 

“It just came so fast. My youngest daughter was laying on the ground and it hit right where they were laying,” said mother Susan Cota. 

According to firefighters some of the explosives launched in the wrong direction. 

According to witnesses a woman holding a baby next to Cassandra and her mother was hit. 

“People started screaming and everyone started paying attention to it, and then we all started running around ,” said Miner. 

Cassandra's mother ordered her to run her little sister to safety. 

Cota said that's when she realized the woman next to her had been hit. 

“It was a burn and she was bleeding all over her leg,” said Cota, “ She was laying on the ground with her head laying her arms just crying.”             

Firefighters said the woman suffered some serious burns and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. 

Cota said while this incident left her family shaken, they plan to attend future firework shows, but will exercise even more precaution. 

“I’ll definitely sit back to the road, if not further away,” said Cota.  

Following the incident Scissortail Park took to social media and said the firework company was investigating the accident. 

News 9 reached out to Scissortail Park officials but have not heard back.