Tulsa Riverside Airport Developing A Plan For Facility Improvements

Monday, July 4th 2022, 5:47 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The Tulsa Riverside Airport is working on its first new Master Plan in 16 years.

Airport leaders said it's one of the busiest airports in the country and needs improvements to keep up with demand.

Officials said the new RVS Master Plan will be a 20 to 30-year roadmap of improvements, including developing land on airport property and adding new pilot amenities.

The Tulsa Riverside Airport is ready for a face-'lift'.

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"As times have changed, both in aircraft and federal regulations that we have to follow, it's just due for a renewal," said Austin Wheeler, Airport Manager for Tulsa Riverside Airport.

There are 6 flight schools based at RVS.

Airport Manager Austin Wheeler said they need to continue providing those services, and have enough infrastructure and resources for corporate jets, as well as mechanic training programs.

"A lot of private flights. And businesses here in Tulsa, as well as businesses coming to scout Tulsa," said Wheeler. "The growth in South Tulsa specifically since 2006 definitely necessitates this."

Wheeler said there were 186,000 take offs and landings in 2021, making Riverside the busiest airport in Oklahoma and 53rd busiest airport in the nation.

"That's out of the whole of airports in the FAA system. Everything from LAX to Atlanta to Chicago," said Wheeler.

Wheeler said the airport anticipates an even-busier schedule in the future.

He said lots of steps go into grant requests, on an environmental, operational, and financial level.

"The bulk of the funding comes from the FAA and the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission," said Wheeler.

The new Master Plan set to be finalized by Spring of 2023 and could include zoning, relocating maintenance facilities, more hangar space, and infrastructure upgrades.

"We've leased essentially all the available space we have," said Wheeler.

In order for the airport to accommodate larger and faster aircrafts, they would need to expand the runways and taxiways.

Some of these proposals could have an impact on nearby roads and businesses.

The next public Master Plan meeting is scheduled for September 1st.